ProfitFab and Windows 10

Will ProfitFab run on Windows 10?

With the release of Windows 10 and the free upgrade period coming to an end, we get asked this question quite often.

The short answer is Yes.

We have several customers that have already made the switch and are running the latest version of ProfitFab on Windows 10 without any issues. Some of our development staff uses Windows 10, and our in-house test network also uses Windows 10 as a server to host the ProfitFab data files. We have yet to uncover any problems with running ProfitFab on Windows 10.

However, we have had one report of fonts being blurred on report previews (viewing reports to the screen). So far, we have not been able to replicate this issue, nor have we had anyone else report the same issue.

Also keep in mind this is a new operating system, and this will result in ProfitFab appearing slightly different. Fonts may appear different, buttons, browses, windows, etc will all appear slightly different than before.

Early versions of ProfitFab

Earlier versions of ProfitFab may have issues with Windows 10 that were introduced with the release of Windows 8. These issues were addressed and resolved in v24. If you are running any version of ProfitFab prior to v24, it is not recommended that you upgrade to Windows 10 without also upgrading to the latest version of ProfitFab. Customers with a current subscription to the UPP can download the latest version of ProfitFab that is compatible with Windows 10.

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