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Latest Update

ProfitFab v27.7

September 23rd, 2021 William Genzer


Many tables have had changes made to the structure of the layout. Some have new fields added, others have been sized differently. When you open tables, hitting the F9 key on your keyboard will set the table to its default settings, which might make the new information visible for you, or correct the table if it is displaying the incorrect information due to structure changes. Remember the F9 key. It is your friend.

QuickBooks Export

With the release of QuickBooks 2019, Intuit has drastically modified their IIF import routines. Files we create during our invoice export for QuickBooks (QB) have been updated to work with newer versions of QB. There are many things that you need to be aware of, however, as it regards these changes.

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This setup program will install the latest version of ProfitFab. A password is required to install. Customers subscribed to the Annual Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP) can request the password to install.

If upgrading from versions prior to v22 please contact support for assistance before running the update above.

Getting Started Guide


This document covers the installation and entering of initial information into ProfitFab, and also contains a tutorial which walks you through creating a part definition, quote, order, job, invoice, and using MRP to order material for a job.



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