Refund Policy

Our sales and support staff at ProfitFab is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We strive to offer the best service and support we can provide to help our customers utilize the full potential of our software.


Due to the nature of our business model, ProfitFab does not offer refunds on purchases. We do not sell tangible products, and cannot offer returns or exchanges. New customers are given an opportunity to try our software, completely free, with support, for 30 days with no obligation to purchase anything from ProfitFab. In some cases, this 30 day trial can be extended, upon request, if you feel you need more time to evaluate the program and determine if it is a good fit for your company.

Licenses & UPP

Purchasing a license to use our software will give you the right to continue using our software for an indefinite amount of time. Customers subscribed to the Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP) will have access to the latest version of our software, and gives you unlimited access to support via phone, email or web. One month prior to the anniversary of your purchase, a new registration code will be sent allowing you to continue to use the software. Subscribers of the UPP will also receive an invoice to keep their subscription current. If you choose to remain on the UPP, you can choose to do so at that time by submitting your payment either by check, wire transfer or online payment. To cancel UPP, simply withhold payment of the invoice and we will drop you from the UPP. If you do decide to cancel your UPP, we would like to hear from you, to let us know why.


We offer a very affordable leasing option to customers that prefer a simple way of maintaining ongoing support and staying current with the latest version of our software. Lease users will have access to unlimited support via phone, email or web, and access to the latest version of our software. (similar to the UPP). Unlike the purchase, that gives access to our software for an indefinite amount of time, the lease option gives you access to the software for as long as the term of the lease. We typically offer yearly leases, and in some cases, semi-annual, and monthly. One month prior to the termination of the lease, you will receive an invoice to renew the lease. If you choose to continue leasing our software, you can choose to do so by submitting your payment by check, wire transfer or online payment. To cancel your lease, simply withhold payment. Current leases will receive a new registration code to allow continued access to use the software. Otherwise, the registration code will expire and access to the software will be suspended.

Custom Programming

We do occasionally offer custom programming to address unique needs you may have. Custom programming jobs will be quoted ahead of time, and billed at an hourly rate. Large jobs will require a down payment in the amount of half of the quoted price. This down payment is not refundable. The balance will be due upon completion of the job, when you are completely satisfied. Custom programming jobs are also non refundable.

Special Exceptions

Under certain circumstances, exceptions to these conditions can be made. They must be agreed upon and documented prior to the time of purchase. We understand this industry can be unpredictable at times and situations arise that require special consideration. If you need to make special arrangements to handle your payment, please feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to work with you.


Even though we do not offer refunds, please do not let that discourage you from trying our software. We will give you ample time to evaluate our software before deciding to purchase. It is as important to us that our software is the best fit for you and your company, as it is for you. The point in time when you decide to purchase or lease is when you’ve decided this is the right software for you!

If you have any questions or concerns about our refund policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us!