The user interface on this system is so well designed that it takes a series of very difficult tasks and makes them simple, this alone justified our purchase of ProfitFab.
Everyone here is very impressed with the professional way that ProfitFab works and your support is unrivalled. Well done, the more we use the system the more we love it.
In the past 3 years our company has grown 280% with minimal growth in the office support staff. This would not have been possible without the organized structure of ProfitFab, we would simply be lost without it.
Having this program is like turning on a light switch, it makes all of our previous operations seem like we were operating in the dark.
The value of this system becomes quite obvious when you can generate an Order from a Quote in seconds, with a detailed MRP and Job Status that has Real Time Tracking and Costing features.
I chose ProfitFab over the more expensive ERP systems for the ease of use and the unrestricted way that you can use the system. As we’re a New Zealand company (a small but perfect island in the big wide world) we strive to have a good working relationship not only with our customers but the service providers as well.
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