Your Server Just Crashed! Now What?

It’s Monday morning, you walk through the door and the first thing you hear is “Our server is down!” You’re dead in the water, what do you do?

Like many companies, yours relies heavily on your network, server and connectivity to the internet to transact business and stay connected on a daily basis. But what happens if your network, server or connection to the internet goes down? This is when having a solid contingency plan comes into play.

The purpose of this post isn’t to frighten you, or lay out a contingency plan for you (there are plenty of articles that can help you with that, see below), but to act as a reminder that this can happen at any time, and it’s best to be prepared ahead of time. Part of being prepared is to make sure you have a good backup plan in place for ProfitFab.

Occasionally customers will contact support needing help that requires the use of resorting to a backup. We ask customers to restore particular files from their latest backup, and some of the responses we’ve gotten are:

  • What’s a backup?
  • I didn’t know we needed backups.
  • I thought you were making our backups.
  • Someone else was handling that and we don’t know how to contact them.
  • We were making backups to the cloud, but our provider won’t give us access to them.

Don’t get stuck in the same situation as these people. Make sure you regularly make backups of your ProfitFab data, and that you’re able to access them!

For a more detailed look into making and restoring backups of your ProfitFab data, read this article, Database Backup and Restore.

The following links are provided for informational purposes only. Not all (most) of the information provided will apply to you, but it is made available to help assist with making your own, personalized backup and contingency plan for your company.

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