ProfitFab 2008 v21.2

Feature Enhancements

  • Added Description lookup field to Product/Service Table.
  • Added a Parts Calculator to the Part Product Form to allow for determining part price of a material whenever quantity price breaks are in effect.
  • Added a field to capture the number of parts put into stock on a job (that aren’t being shipped).  This value is used to determine the number of parts successfully completed on the job and to calculate totals for the completion reports.
  • Added Open PO report and Vendor Purchase History Report.
  • Added ability to purge Vendor Invoice records in Data Purge Utility.
  • Added Product Usage History Report.
  • Added Service Vendor On-Time Shipping Report.

Quality Enhancements

  • Modified line item selection for quote/order/invoice to select properly when returning from respective Line Forms.
  • Adjusted ability to modify the price of items on quotes/orders/invoices if the Revision field is longer than 6 characters.
  • Adjusted Operation Forecast report to keep it from locking up.
  • Adjusted Company Snapshot to not include un-verified POs in the total.
  • Scrap calculations adjusted to take into account quantity price breaks on materials and per part times on labor.
  • Adjusted calculations for costing on orders containing parts with materials set for quantity price breaks.
  • Modified the Active Job Status Listing reports to find the correct Current and Next operations on ship-from-stock jobs.
  • Modified Product Costing Report to exclude in-house products that are assembly components.

Fields added to Reports

When updating ProfitFab, fields that are added to reports are not automatically added to your layouts for those reports. These fields are made available to your layouts but must be added to each report layout, if desired, from within the Report Designer.



Fields Added

Station Schedule and Operation Schedule reports Job Start date, First Operation Date, and Last Operation Date
Packing List and Packing List PrePrinted. Customer OEM Number

New Reports

New reports were added for Service Vendor On Time Shipping, Open Purchase Orders, Vendor Purchase History, and Product Usage History. After updating, these reports will be available to you, but you will not have any layouts to use. You will need to import the default layouts for these new reports before you can print them.

To import the layout for the new reports, follow this procedure:

Open the Report Designer (if not already opened)

Select File -> Import Layout

In the “Select file to import from” dialog, enter the filename as RDIMPORT.TPS, or browse through the list of files to find this file. Press Ok button to open the “Import Layouts” dialog.

From “Import Layouts” dialog:

  1. Select the “Open Purchase Orders” report in the Reports table.
  2. Select the Design name – “Open Purchase Orders” – and press the Import button to import the layout. You should see numbers flickering on the screen just below the list of reports. These represent the fields being imported. When they go away, the import is complete for that layout.

After the layout has been imported, exit the “Imports Layouts” dialog and go to the FileàOpen Layout to mark the layout as default.

Repeat this procedure for the 3 remaining reports.

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