ProfitFab 2009 v21.3

Feature Enhancements

  • Security on the graphical Employee Pay/Hours report modified to require supervisor access to run.
  • Search and Replace feature added for Default Operations. Operations that are no longer being used can be replaced by another operation on all part definitions with this simple procedure. Once the unwanted operation has been replaced on all part definitions, it will be marked as Inactive. The operation is not deleted because it will still be attached to previous quotes, orders, and jobs. Inactive operations that are still attached to parts will appear in red on Part Definitions and Job Part Definitions.
  • User Name and User Id fields added to Licensing Monitor table to provide better identification of logged in users.
  • Accounting contacts added to Blanket Order, Quote, Order, and Invoice.  When emailing Invoices, the email defaults to the Accounting contact.
  • Productivity Report can now include inactive employees.
  • Ability to add pictures and files to raw material inventory.
  • New Attendance time file and clock-in feature for attendance to the shop clock module.  Tracks employee attendance only.  Attendance table added to Employee Activity Center to create/modify attendance records. Modified reports associated with Attendance clock-in feature:  Payroll Report renamed as Attendance Report, Employee Graph, Incomplete Time, Open Time Records.
  • Modified program to eliminate Plus version. Lite version now has all Plus version functionality and the ability to email/fax forms directly to customer.
  • Added Bin Location to several screens: MRP Form, PO Line Detail Form, and Job Form.
  • Added Customer/Vendor Contact Manager to maintain contact activity notes/memos.
  • Using F12 to clock out from shop clock will properly display the Red X and green check.
  • Adjusted picture issue on Job Shipping Screen to show negative quantities for On Hand value.
  • Adjusted locking ALT key within MRP Process tables while creating POs.
  • Rounding issue adjusted in the normal Purchase Order reports.
  • Fixed issue in Operation Scheduler where it was showing notes from previous operation.
  • Added Excel output to the Working/Shipped Invoice Reports and to the MRP reports.

Fields added to Reports

When updating ProfitFab, fields that are added to reports are not automatically added to your layouts for those reports. These fields are made available to your layouts but must be added to each report layout, if desired, from within the Report Designer.


Fields Added

Invoice Working Detailed, Invoice Shipped Detailed, and Invoice Register Total fields for tracking number of parts shipped
Operation Time Detail Two fields to keep running total of parts completed:

1)       Parts done per station

2)       Total number of parts done for whole report


Invoice Reports Running total of parts shipped
Appropriate reports for Blanket Orders, Quotes, Orders, and Invoices


Accounting Contact fields
Customer-sorted Active Jobs Status Listing Parts On Hand

New Reports

New reports added: Parts Done Listing Report, Product Purchase and Usage History Report with Excel output.

After updating, these reports will be available to you, but you will not have any layouts to use. You will need to import the default layouts for these new reports before you can print them.

To import the layout for the new reports, follow this procedure:

Open the Report Designer (if not already opened)

Select File -> Import Layout

In the “Select file to import from” dialog, enter the filename as RDIMPORT.TPS, or browse through the list of files to find this file. Press Ok button to open the “Import Layouts” dialog.

From “Import Layouts” dialog:

  1. Select the “Open Purchase Orders” report in the Reports table.
  2. Select the Design name – “Open Purchase Orders” – and press the Import button to import the layout. You should see numbers flickering on the screen just below the list of reports. These represent the fields being imported. When they go away, the import is complete for that layout.

After the layout has been imported, exit the “Imports Layouts” dialog and go to the FileàOpen Layout to mark the layout as default.

Repeat this procedure for the remaining reports.

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