ProfitFab 2014 v24.2

  • Fixed problem with scaling factor on PDF generation if the user’s computer was set up to increase the font size.
  • Fixed a formatting issue on the Route Sheet that limited materials sizes to 9999.99 or less on the print out
  • Fixed problem causing the Routing and Material forms to be disabled when coming from the shop clock module and trying to edit the job.
  • Removed the OVR attribute from all fields on all screens. For some reason, the update to C9 added this attribute to a lot of fields and it changed the way they work, where entering data into a field that already had data, it would overwrite it instead of inserting it.
  • Changed the sort order used on the Jobs tab of the Customer Activity Center back to the original sort order as it seemed that many customers made use of that sort order
  • Modified the clock screen to keep a running history of previous activity. Instead of clearing the Activity field with each interaction, it will maintain the activity listed until it hits around 2000 characters, then it will clear it and start over. This will allow, to some degree, the ability for people to look back at what they just did or where they just clocked into.
  • Fixed problem where the Invoice History button on the Customer Activity Center was pointing to the new table designed for in-house parts.
  • Fixed problem of getting off the vendor in the PO form. If you did a lookup for the product, it was going to the Product/Service Table where we added a lookup to populate the Primary Vendor in the table, and that primary vendor was be stuck in memory and overwriting the data in the PO.
  • Fixed problem with Enterkey to Tabkey so that Enter key on a table should select the record on the table and open it for viewing, or select it from a lookup table
  • Fixed problem in Nest table where it wasn’t selecting the correct job
  • Added a Total Employee Labor Cost field to Completion reports
  • Added Alert Notes to individual job routing so that you can alert an employee on a specific job operation at the shop clock module

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