ProfitFab 2007 v20.1

Feature Enhancements

ProfitFab now has a fresh new look. New icons give it a more user-friendly appearance, without moving or hiding features that you are used to.

Customer Activity Center Company Quote Table
Company Order Table Company Invoice Table
Company Job Activity Table Product / Service Table
Vendor Activity Center Purchase Order Table
Employee Activity Center Scrap At-Fault Activity Table
SPC Reports Reports Folder
Message System Red Flag Report Menu
User-Defined Custom Reports Timeclock Entry Form


Request for Quote

A Request for Quote module has been added to allow you to request price quotes from your vendors.

The functionality of the Request for Quote module is very similar to the Purchase Order module. There are 3 states that the RFQ can be in: Open, Pending Receipt, and Closed. Security for the RFQ module is tied to the security for PO’s. That is, if you can add/edit/delete PO’s then you can add/edit/delete RFQ’s.

The RFQ module can be accessed from the File pull-down menu, and from within the Customer Part Definition Form.

To import the layout for the new report, follow this procedure:

Open the Report Designer (if not already opened)

Select File -> Import Layout

In the “Select file to import from” dialog, enter the filename as RDIMPORT.TPS, or browse through the list of files to find this file. Press Ok button to open the “Import Layouts” dialog.

From “Import Layouts” dialog:

  1. Select the Request for Quote Report in the Reports table.
  2. Select the Design name – Request for Quote Report – and press the Import button to import the layout.

After the layout has been imported, exit the “Imports Layouts” dialog and go to the FileàOpen Layout to mark the layout as default.

Audit Trail on Raw Material and Finished Goods Inventory

With the new Audit Trail on inventory, each time the On Hand value changes for any item, a record is kept of when, what, where, who, and how much was changed.

You can access the Audit Table for products from the Product / Service form, in the Inventory Status area. For Customer Parts (Finished Goods) Inventory, you can access the Audit Table from the Part Inventory Form, which comes up when you click the Inventory button within a Part Definition.

There is no security tied specifically to the Audit Table, however, a user must have access to view the Part Definition or the Product/Service Form in order to view the Audit Tables. The records in the Audit Table are Read Only, and cannot be inserted or deleted by users. The records can, however, be cleared out of the Audit Table using the Data Purge Utility.

Quality Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to features already present in ProfitFab:

  • Added Drag & Drop capability to the Operation Scheduler
  • Made a new, separate executable file for the Reports Folder. This program can only be run from within ProfitFab, but since it is a separate program, it will allow you to run reports in the background and return to ProfitFab to continue working.
  • Increased the Customer PO field on orders, jobs, and invoices from 15 characters to 25 characters. While the fields on the screens will accommodate the larger PO field, you will need to manually adjust report layouts to show larger PO numbers in your reports. We have modified the default layouts for new users, be we do not automatically overwrite current user layouts because that would overwrite any changes you have made to your own layouts.
  • Added the ability to print Certificates of Conformance/Compliance from within an invoice.
  • Added the ability to automatically add operations from the Shop Clock on to the Part Definition Form. Previously, this was a global setting and, if checked, would allow any operation to be added to any job part definition by anyone on the shop floor. Now, the global checkbox, which was moved from the Time Clock tab to the Customer Part Definition tab in the System Setup, is used as a default value for new Part Definitions. A checkbox is added to the Part Definition that will allow you to control this feature on a part-by-part basis. You could use this feature to build your part definitions on prototype parts, first time parts, and one time only parts.
  • Added the Assembly Links report button to the Part Definition Form for assembly components. This report will show all the main assemblies that the component is attached to. Other Links Reports available are the Product/Service Links Report, available from the Product/Service Form, and the Operation Links Report, available from the Default Operations Form. On the report, the Part Id and Rev were combined into a single field, and the quantity of part needed for the parent component was added.
  • Added detailed fields to the Excel export of the Completion Summary Report. These fields are basically the fields used to calculate the costing and are the same as shown on the individual job’s Completion Report, so this is effectively the same as making the Completion Report available in Excel. These additional fields were not added to the printed layout of the report, only to the Excel layout.
  • Modified the Blanket Order Form to allow for more editing of fields on Working (Verified) Blanket Orders. The following fields may now be modified: Clerk, Sales Rep, Contact, Terms, Delivery timeframe, and FOB. These fields are disabled once the Blanket Order has been closed
  • Users are now allowed to open more than one instance of the Customer Activity Center at the same time. This should allow you to research a customer’s information while in the process of creating quotes or orders for other customers.
  • Added a prompt for Layout Selection on the Employee Payroll report. This will accommodate users who want one layout to print only one employee per page, and another layout to print as many employees per page as possible, without having to open the Report Designer and adjust the Default Layout.
  • Renamed the file used for licensing data from USERS.TPS to LICENSE.TPS. This is to avoid the confusion with the data file USER.TPS, which is used to hold administrative users and their security settings.
  • Increased the precision on Outside Services to 3 decimal places on the Part Routing Form and on PO’s.
  • Vendor invoices for outside services will display the job number for selected line items to help differentiate between similar line items when verifying pricing.
  • Outside Service Unit of Measure no longer gets stuck and can be modified on the Product Service Form.
  • Fixed formatting issues in Excel outputs so that dates are recognized by Excel, and that fields that may contain only numbers are not viewed as numbers (e.g. Customer PO, Part ID, etc.)
  • Posting a Blanket Order now requires a scheduled ship date before allowing you to create an order/job.
  • Fixed issue when emailing PO’s with more than 2 pages causing only 2 pages to be sent.
  • Structural Material Calculator now correctly computes stick weight when entering KG per meter.
  • Line item notes are added to the Quote/Order/Invoice History tables for a part to allow for quickly differentiating between multiple items from the same quote, order, or invoice.
  • Added Excel output to the following reports:
    • Scrap Report
    • Product Listing Reports
    • On-Time/Late Shipping Report
    • Operation Schedule (Finite) Report
  • Added fields to existing reports, as shown below. These fields are available to print on the reports, but are not automatically added to your layouts. You must modify layouts in the Report Designer to add these fields to your report layouts.


Fields Added

Active Job Status Report Parts On Hand
Open and Verified Quote Listings Quote Memo, Quote Notes
Invoice Register Sales Rep ID
Job Time Detail Part Number, Revision, Part Description
Order Time Detail Part Number, Revision, Part Description
Operation Listing Hourly Labor Rates
Packing List (Slip) Invoice Notes
PO Receiving Form PO Notes, PO Line Item Notes
Scrap Report Shopcode, Part Number, Revision, Part Description


  • Added the Shopcode field to the following reports: Customer Part Costing, Customer Part Labels, Customer Part Listing, Customer Part Physical Listing, Customer Parts Reorder Red Flag, Services Link to Parts, MRP by Job Number, Completion Summary, Work In Process, Off Scheduled Jobs, Off Scheduled Jobs (Production)

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