ProfitFab 2006 v19.2

Feature Enhancements

  • Modified the MRP Forecast report to include Outside Services
  • Added Excel output for the Station Schedule report
  • Added Job Priority field to Station Schedule report
  • Added Part Number and Revision fields to Operation Time Detail Report

Note: Fields added to reports must be added to layouts by the end-user with the built-in Report Designer. The update program does not modify or overwrite your individual layouts, which would result in the loss of layouts that the end-user has modified.

Quality Enhancements

  • Fixed issue in Red Flag ReManufacture report where the wrong value was computed for On Job
  • Fixed issue in Employee Form with displaying employee pictures
  • Fixed issue in Invoice Register report where printing for a date range with no valid invoices caused the report to get stuck in a loop
  • Fixed issue where Rich Text Format (RTF) codes were being embedded onto Quote/Order line notes for newly created parts
  • Fixed issue on Service PO Line Form where the Vendor ID field was overlapped with the prompt for the field
  • Fixed issue where the Certificate of Compliance report would print regardless of the setting of the check box to print it
  • Added vertical scroll bars to printer drop-down list in User Setup to avoid confusion when a user has more than 7 printers installed on their local PC
  • Fixed issue on MRP by Vendor report that was keeping it from printing the group header and footer
  • Fixed issue in Station Scheduler that removed lead-time from products that were on assigned to Purchase Orders with a Need By Date established
  • Fixed issue in Station Scheduler where jobs were still being scheduled JIT even if material leadtimes could not be met

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