ProfitFab 2005 v18.3

Quality Enhancements

  • Fixed issue on moving quote line items up and down using arrow buttons.
  • Fixed Red Flag Employee Tardy report to reflect new time record structure
  • Fixed problem where running the scheduler during verifying orders caused a GPF displaying the off schedule screen.
  • Changed security on Company Snapshot to more accurately reflect the nature of the data involved. For Customers, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Vendor Invoices the security was changed to having access to each individual Listings.  For the Job Details, added security on running Completion Reports and Reconciling to match the security needed for those functions. No changes made to Time or Scrap
  • Fixed the PO line notes behavior where the Enter key worked backwards.
  • Modified the Edit in Place feature on updating Products to automatically change the Last Inventoried Date to the current date when making any changes to product.
  • Fixed refresh issues associated with having more than one table on a screen which would allow you to scroll through one table without refreshing the data in the other table, for example, in the Product/Service table when viewing by category
  • Fixed On-Time Late Ship report where it would report the wrong numbers for customers with names longer than 32 characters.
  • Made adjustments to the MRP Adjust utility to account for partial receipts of multi-unit purchases. An example of this is when you buy a hardware item from a vendor and the vendor unit of measure is DZ and there are 12 of the item in each DZ.

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