ProfitFab 2012 v23.4

  • Added the ability to set up nest jobs on structural, hardware, finish, and other inventory types. For structural material, nestable jobs must have similar material determined by the Alloy and Guage fields. For hardware, finish, and other materials, jobs must contain the exact same item to be nestable together. However, this does not mean that different items cannot be put onto the same nest. A nest can contain multiple materials being nested together, as in a lights out situation. With the non-sheet type materials, nesting is more of a function of being able to clock multiple jobs in at the same time, or for dealing with operations like injection molding where multiple parts can be cast together out of the same material, but the material is not sheet material.
  • Added a date field to flag invoices as being exported and added fields to the export procedure to determine how to handle invoices that have already been exported to allow users to prevent exporting the same invoice twice.
  • Added a maintenance utility to update Product cost/price by a percentage factor for a selected product type/category.
  • Added a routine to inventory to allow for changing product type, e.g. from Hardware to Other
  • Added a search/replace for products to replace one product with another on all part definitions. The material replacing the item must be of the same type (sheet replacing another sheet). This routine will replace the item on all quotes, orders, and jobs, as well as purchase orders and vendor invoices. When complete, the routine will delete the item that was replaced.
  • Added a check box to security to control who can delete records out of the licensing monitor. Previously this was only allowed for someone with Supervisor rights, but now this ability can be designated to other users.
  • Made modifications to the RMA and Invoice modules to handle the changes of on hand differently. Now, just putting in an RMA on a part is not going to affect the on hand value, even when a credit invoice is generated. The invoicing module is also going to not make changes to on hand whenever a line item ties back to an RMA and the shipped qty is negative, indicating a credit invoice from the RMA. If parts are returned by a customer via the RMA module, the parts are not treated as though they are ship ready on hand. Any job that is created to build new parts or to rework existing parts will put them into on hand inventory when the job is shipped.
  • Added a report to show sales for products put onto invoices. Access to the report is from within the Product Service Form, or from the Product Service Table. It runs for a single product at a time.
  • Added PO Material Tag report. Access for this report is in PO Receiving Form.
  • Added excel output for the following reports:
    • Open PO Report
    • Purchase Order History Report
    • Operation Time Detail Report
    • Employee Time Detail Report
  • Modified the filter on the Operation Schedule report to allow for selecting the number of hours or number of jobs to print per station
  • Made changes to Completion Summary report and Completion reports to account for costs associated with multiple job runs and ship from stock jobs. Modified the SCH:CUMSTOCKQTY to account for parts pulled from stock to ship a job so that it subtracts the amount of parts pulled from stock. With this, a job that is shipped completely from stock will have a net produced qty of 0 assuming everything shipped is pulled from stock on the Shipping screen.
  • Modified the printer direction screen to allow for selecting Customer/In-house/Both as data sources for both Open and Verified Order reports
  • Fixed bug in Verified Invoice Detail report that would cause it to miss invoices if a customer’s name has been changed
  • Fixed a bug in Efficiency Report where job time records with no net time were causing the report to zero out the Operation totals
  • Fixed the Job Ship screen that was indicating all operations not complete on ship from stock jobs for operations not marked as print on from stock router
  • Fixed problem in Quote Line Form that prevented 1st run charges for Silk/Other from being added to a part with no prior orders
  • Fixed problem in Nest Material lookup field that caused it to open lookup table even when an exact match for a product ID was selected
  • The Valid Thru date was automatically being calculated when verifying a quote. Added a question prompt to allow users to determine how to set this field if the date did not equal the Valid Thru settings in the Company defaults.
  • Fixed date formatting issues in the SPC data table
  • Modified how we are accessing files in the Part Related Files table. The filedialog is set to open to a saved entry from the INI file, but if that entry is invalid due to changes in path/folder names, or if a previous file already inserted had an incorrect path, the program would shut down or cause a Windows error to appear. Now, if an error occurs due to one of the above reasons, the filedialog will open to the current working folder containing the ProfitFab files.
  • Fixed problem in the wpffix utility that wasn’t unchecking the box for Nest file after repairing it. It did fix the file, just didn’t uncheck the box. Also realigned checkboxes so that they fix in the order shown
  • Added Description search fields to the Customer Part Adjustment Table and Customer Parts Selection Table

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