ProfitFab 2010 v22.2


  • Added an INI file setting to automatically save the last directory used to attach related files to parts and products for easier data entry.
  • Added a checkbox to the Operation Schedule table to toggle between showing all jobs at each operation and only jobs ready to start at an operation.
  • Modified formatting in the Products table on part definitions to show the quantity as the costing size of the materials used in 2D and 1D. 2D materials will show quantity as x.xxL X x.xxW and 1D materials will show as x.xxL. All other types of materials will show the quantity and UOM.
  • Made modifications to the WIP report to remove a calculation that was overstating the total on-job values for labor, material, and services.
  • Fixed problems in the RMA module that caused it to print all RMAs for each RMA Form and automatically adding RMA numbers when creating an order from a blanket order.
  • Fixed problem in the Reconcile table where not all actual time was being calculated for parts under certain conditions.
  • Modified the Red Flag Absentee Report to use the new Attendance time file.

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