Installation Overview

ProfitFab can be run in a single or multi-user (network) environment. It can be installed on a stand-alone workstation, or on a file server, depending on your specific needs. From ProfitFab’s perspective, a file server is simply a computer that “holds” all the data and application files required to execute ProfitFab in a common place for multi-user access.

Typically, the file server, or “the server”, is a dedicated computer on the network. Many shops have a dedicated server to store common files and applications for day to day business operations. A dedicated server is the most logical and recommended location to install ProfitFab in a multi-user environment, for the most security, stability and backup control.

For shops that do not have a dedicated server, ProfitFab can be installed onto any computer on the network and act as “the server”. This type of configuration works best when “the server” is infrequently used. High traffic workstations that are used as “the server” can have an increased potential for lockups or unscheduled restarts, causing possible data loss or corruption. For this reason, we recommend installing ProfitFab on a dedicated server if running in a multi-user environment.

Installing ProfitFab (stand-alone):

Open the ProfitFab Setup Program and follow the instructions to complete the installation process. For first time users, and the purpose of this guide, we recommend allowing the installation wizard install the Startup Data. The setup program will create shortcuts to the main ProfitFab program, and the Shop Clock, on your desktop.

Installing ProfitFab on your File server:

ProfitFab and the ProfitFab setup programs are Windows applications. Therefore, if installing ProfitFab onto a non-Windows based server, the setup program must be executed from a Windows based workstation, selecting the server share drive or folder as the target location. During the installation process, you’ll need full read/write access to the network share.

If installing ProfitFab onto a Windows based server, you can run the setup directly from the server machine, or a workstation. In either case, you’ll need to be logged in as a user with read/write access to the share folder ProfitFab will be installed.

Note: If reinstalling the software, everyone must be logged out of ProfitFab, none of the ProfitFab application or data files can be in use during the (re)installation process.

Open the ProfitFab Setup Program and follow the instructions to complete the installation process on the server. For first time users, and the purpose of this guide, we recommend allowing the installation wizard install the Startup Data.

Installing ProfitFab on workstations:

Once ProfitFab is installed on the server, setup each workstation as an Administrative Station, Shop Clock Station, or both, by creating shortcuts to the ProfitFab application.

From the workstation, browse to the network share folder where ProfitFab is installed. Search for the “wpf.exe” application file. Right-click the file, click “Send to”, click “Desktop (create shortcut)”.

When starting the program for the first time, ProfitFab will check for and attempt to install various fonts and support files. If the user currently logged into Windows does not have sufficient rights, ProfitFab will display messages informing you that it was unable to install these files, or that they are missing. If this happens, login to Windows with a user that has administrative privileges, or right-click the ProfitFab shortcut, and click “Run as administrator”. After these files are installed, you’ll no longer need to run ProfitFab while logged in as a user with administrative privileges.

Starting ProfitFab

When executing ProfitFab for the first time, enter your Company Name and Registration number. Once you have entered the necessary information, click the [Ok] button and the Login screen will appear. The User ID will be Supervisor (no password) the first time ProfitFab is launched.

For instructions on setting up initial company data, see the section on Entering Initial Information in this guide.

Starting the Clock Program

The ProfitFab Setup program will place a shortcut to the Shop Clock on your desktop. If installing ProfitFab in a multi-user environment, you’ll need to create a shortcut to ProfitFab as shown above, then add the /C option to the end of the “Target”. This can be done by right-clicking on the newly created shortcut, click “Properties”, then, in the “Target” field, add /C to the end. (ex: “\\server\share\ProfitFab\wpf.exe” /C )

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