How To Get Help

Online help can be found from the Help pull-down menu at the upper right corner of the ProfitFab screen.

On many screens, pressing F1 will immediately open Help for the active screen.

Technical Support

Hours of operation for telephone support are 9:00am to 5:00pm Central Time, Monday through Friday.

Phone: (281) 599-1780
Email: support@profitfab.com

Troubleshooting Registration Code

If experiencing difficulty with the registration code, please try the following before contacting customer support:

  1. Press CAPS LOCK to turn on all Caps. In the Registration Code, all alphabetical characters are in upper case
  2. Check the code carefully to not confuse the following letters and numbers:
    I is an upper case letter (i) and not a lower case letter L
    1 is the number 1
    O is an upper case letter o
    0 is the number zero

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