Micro Concepts and Solutions, LLC originated in 1991 and later incorporated in 1993, with a mission to develop and market a fully integrated relational manufacturing management system specifically for the precision fabrication and machining job shop industry. Micro Concepts and Solutions, LLC has established a satisfied international customer base, with the sales, service, and installation of ProfitFab Manufacturing Management, ProfitFab Quote, First Article Inspection, and Reverse Engineering systems, all while maintaining a proven record for consistent company growth and financial stability.

In 1993 Micro Concepts and Solutions, LLC introduced the Metal Mizer and Metal Mizer Pro Job Shop Manufacturing Management Systems. These products were designed and developed to offer the industry a comprehensive manufacturing management solution that would operate on an inexpensive PC-based network. As computer and PC network technology progressed, Micro Concepts and Solutions, LLC transformed Metal Mizer Pro’s detailed product structure into a graphical user interface native to Windows 3.X, 95 and NT. This kind of progression is what pioneered our ProfitFab ERP – Manufacturing Management Software. ProfitFab’s strategic Job Shop structure provides a fully integrated manufacturing management system that allows business owners to maximize their efficiency and profitability by gaining control of the company’s daily operations. ProfitFab also incorporates the ability to interactively link with other Windows compatible applications such as Accounting, CAD/CAM, Edit/DNC, QC and Multi-Media applications.

In 1997 Micro Concepts and Solutions, LLC introduced Laser InSPEC 2000. Micro Concepts and Solutions, LLC conceived the concept to incorporate a laser projection system into the 2D inspection processes of sheet metal job shops and OEM manufacturers. In 1998 Micro Concepts and Solutions, LLC introduced ProfitFab Quote. This product carries all of the integrated detail from the ProfitFab system to provide a comprehensive quotation system for smaller job shops and OEM manufacturers.

In 2002, Micro Concepts & Solutions, LLC updated ProfitFab Quote with new features and introduced it as ProfitFab Lite. With this new entry level quoting program that is fully compatible with ProfitFab ERP, ProfitFab Lite users can get started into the world of ERP and when ready to take the next step up, can upgrade to ProfitFab ERP with no loss of data and no missteps. We also offer a lifetime upgrade policy where the full price paid for ProfitFab Lite is discounted towards the purchase of ProfitFab ERP, giving smaller shops the ability to get started using a powerful ERP program essentially for free.

In 2003, Micro Concepts & Solutions, LLC introduced ProfitFab RFid as an alternative method to track employee and job time. ProfitFab RFid removes the computer interface from the time-tracking methodology, eliminating the time wasted when employees leave their workstations to report time, and also eliminating mistakes made during data entry due to operator error, operator misuse, or lack of operator training.

In 2017 Bill Genzer, the son of the original developer and designer of ProfitFab and Allen Grosser, the long time member of our development and support staff, partnered together to create G & G Software Solutions, LLC which then acquired the ongoing business of Micro Concepts & Solutions, LLC and all rights to the ProfitFab software and source code. We are now known simply as “ProfitFab”.

Today, ProfitFab continues to evolve to meet the needs of jobs shops and OEM manufacturers. Updates to the program are made regularly, adding new features based on customer feedback and changes in industry standards. Our existing customer base contains shops engaged in the sheet metal, machining, and plastics industries, as well as many different types of OEM manufacturers. Our customers range in size from a single person shop to publicly traded companies with over 200 employees. ProfitFab is helping shops gain control around the world.

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